Your company or brand’s back-story
On-going brand story-telling
One-off longer form documentary


  • Social media short clips 60 sec
  • Photography
  • Social media marketing strategy


Package A - Your company or brand’s back-story

3-10 minutes

Brand back-story is the tale of what came before the successful product or service. It’s the story of why your company or brand is what it is today.

As a content-maker, it’s my job  to consider how your back-story aligns with your company’s tone and messaging and help you define your mission – beyond selling product.  Every company has a captivating back-story, but many aren’t making full use of it, and their brand’s true ‘personality’ is missing a key building block.

WHY tell your back-story?

  • Differentiate your brandBack-story tells potential customers why you’re different. It gives your brand an organic personality and adds details and originality.
  • Define your missionTelling your own back-story can help you better define your brand’s unique mission.
  • Put a face to your brandYour back-story has drama!  Telling the story of the people, their motivations, the setbacks and lessons learned is intrinsically interesting. Especially for small, family businesses (or businesses that began as small family affairs). It’s one thing to put a face to a brand, but it’s even more compelling when that face has a tale to tell.
  • InfluenceA company back-story can influence media and pitches, helping deliver the big picture behind your pitch and make it relevant to the recipients.

Package B - On-going brand story-telling

2-5 minutes

Brand storytelling is an ongoing conversation between a company and its customers. To break through the clutter, brands need to tell remarkable stories that are worth listening to and build loyalty OVER TIME…

Package C - One-off longer form documentary

40-60 minutes

By using the longer-form story-centric format, you can make the most of dramatic and emotional elements thereby attracting and retaining viewers. It gives brands a chance to be creative, to target particular audiences with specifically tailored content, and above all, it helps you stand out from the crowd.

The most powerful documentaries focus on someone who has a goal or quest and ceaselessly strives for it, and for whom something big is at stake. That person’s journey should intersect in some way with your brand’s mission or area of interest.

Anyone can be a hero if framed correctly, particularly if the person is a compelling character. Is the person entertaining, quirky or fascinating to watch? Does he or she have a passion for something that the audience can feel burning through the screen? Above all, is the hero relatable to the audience? Will the hero create a connection? Will people care about what happens to him or her? The central character shouldn’t be a scripted corporate mouthpiece because that won’t feel authentic to the audience.